Here’s Sheridan!

My name is Sheridan Cudworth and starting in May I will be apprenticing with AOK Herbals. I am excited to begin my quest to better understand the healing powers of plants that surround us everyday. I believe strongly in the practice of wellness and am motivated to learn various methods to implement self care with gifts offered by Mother Earth and Father Sky.
I find that my experience in being a professional Make Up artist offers me a unique perspective in seeking ways to better create all natural and ethically sourced skin and body care. When I broke up with the beauty industry, I knew I was being pulled towards a call to tune into my inner healer. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found April. Her background in education alongside her passion for energy work intersecting with her herbalist practice, and her knowledge of flower essences couldn’t be anymore exciting to me.
I am so happy to have her guide me through this journey and I welcome you to continue to check out the AOK Herbals Page as April will be announcing a really exciting (and accessible) workshop series in the near future.


Tincture Time!


Hello all! We had a productive day of tincturing today and boy, was it a blast! I learned about the anti-microbial properties of the highly endangered goldenseal plant, and took a trip down memory lane as I tinctured slippery elm and remembered the days when my mom would give me slippery elm lozenges whenever I had a sore throat. Worked like a charm! Today brings more tincturing and some down time so I can read up on all these wonderful plants I’m working with. There’s so much to learn and I can’t wait to share what I discover with you.

Also, stay tuned for updates on our teaching garden! We start transplanting in a just a few weeks!

Be well,


Welcome Aboard Taylor Bradbury

Meet AOK Herbals newest intern!  Taylor Bradbury has always been curious about the healing power of plants. She’s an interesting woman with lots of talents and a wider worldview.   I’m thrilled to have her help and I love working with her.

One of Taylor’s first assignments is to blog regularly about what she finds interesting about the plant world and the work she’s doing at AOK Herbals.   I asked her to start by posting a little something about herself today.   -aok


Hello Everyone,

My desire to study herbalism can be rooted back to my childhood. Growing up, I always had a fascination with herbal remedies. My mother kept countless gardens and I found myself constantly outside, collecting herbs and flowers and finding new ways to create something with them, from teas to perfumes to anything else I could think of.

While studying Cultural Anthropology at UNH, I chose to focus on Medical Anthropology. Studying the medical beliefs and practices of cultures across the globe reinforced my already strong belief in the importance of incorporating alternative medicine into our lives. I believe that being culturally as well as medically well rounded is essential to maintaining our well-being.

I’m excited to be working with April.  I’m serious about my studies, but I can tell we’re going to have fun too.

Till next time,



4th of July Celebration

To celebrate the 4th of July, Butch and I went camping.  We joined my sister, Marisa, and her family who are seasonal campers staying in Skowhegan, Maine.   The entire kid-centered campground was packed for the extended holiday weekend.

Of course, the bugs started biting.  Marisa cussed a bit as she scratched a bite on her leg.  “Can’t you make something herbal for this?”

“Well, yeah,” I responded.  “Let’s do it.”

So we gathered a few ingredients, formed a paste, and tested it on several of Marisa’s mosquito bites.  She sounded surprised as she said, “The itch is gone–it’s completely gone!”

Motivated, she decided to distribute it to a few other cooperative, itchy campers to see if they experienced the same relief.

The feedback was instantaneous and all positive.  Grateful test subjects wandered by Marisa’s campsite offering to buy the “grey paste.”

One mother reported “this is the first time my 4-year old hasn’t been scratching in two weeks!  When I got up this morning, I found him reapplying the paste to his own leg.  He said ‘It feels so better Mommy!’”  Such a cutie.

Word spread fast.  More campers dropped by asking if they could buy “the stuff everybody’s talking about for bug bites.”  So Marisa and I made a larger batch for campers to purchase.

Marisa named the new product:  “Ditch the Itch!”   That’s got a nice ring to it.   So in return, I gave Marisa a new title:

Marisa Townsend, Chief Executive Officer
Product Promotion, AOK Herbals Campground Division

She laughed and mumbled something about not quitting her day job.

Product development is fun.

Click here for more on “Ditch the Itch.”


Respectfully submitted,

April O’Keefe, Herbalist